Hate this new coin collect

Since your new working with the rooms asking our friends is really not great! I hate this new operation, I can no longer collect my coins as before! I must admit that I lose the motivation to play your game!


Totally agree with you…for me it’s just another notch in the Tri-Peaks coffin. Love the game but it’s getting too hard to play OMG it’s supposed to be a GAME but it’s getting increasingly difficult Everyday to stick with a GAME which seems to want you to spend alot of time and money fighting against them just to relax& have fun. I refuse to Donate alot of real money to play Solitaire…For example the FB Page - they can’t even offer a few measley coins everyday. It’s unfortunate but at the moment I have only 3million coins and I’m going to play with them and when these run out I’m done! With today’s technologies they should be fighting to keep us loyal players but instead they seem to be just making it more difficult. I dont hve the time to run back every few hours looking for coins #firetheidiotwho proposed the new coin share idea…


I don’t like the new coin share either. To get the 60,000 we have to be on there for 16 hour’s just to request coins. They need to increase the amount of coins we get, or lower coin collect to every hour.


Can’t win, hard to collect coins when I have to work!

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