Harassment and Threats

We have a person harassing our team, threatening violence and targeting individuals. We’ve deleted them 2x. They’ve changed their name and keep trying to join our team. I sent a message through the HELP icon with attached messages pics that person has posted to our note page. Can you help? We don’t want this to happen to anyone!


The only thing I can suggest is to change your club to invite only, if you haven’t already. Not knowing what the threats are, does this member know some members personally? If it’s a serious threat and they know your member/s personally, I would say to contact local authorities. They can post in chat only, unless they are a leader or co-leader.


As Colibri stated, it’s difficult to advise, not knowing what the threats are. I’m going to go on the assumption that it is strictly ‘game’ related.

Ask all of your members to go through their friends’ lists and make sure that the person is not included. Note: I would also suggest to them that they NOT add any new friends or accept friend requests until all of this is sorted out.

Set your club to ‘invite only’ for a day or two. If the harasser joins after that time, I would definitely contact Scopely again - including any recent threats, as well as pictures of his/her profile.

If all else fails, you can always start a new club, preferably with an alt/second account. However, I wouldn’t post the new name in your current club’s chat. I would simply state something along the lines of: I am starting a new club and will send invitations. Note: If the harasser is able to follow you, it is possible that he/she is an alt of a current member.


Surely the game owners must act as they have a duty to protect. Don’t know what country you are in - if America then best of luck. Try calling the police and informing them of the game owners inability to do anything. Failing that Try writing to GSM direct and point out that their bots are useless

I don’t know - and don’t care - what country you’re in, Mr. Sykala. I’m blessed to be where I am!! :us_outlying_islands:

Glad to hear that. Then stop moaning.