Guide on how to beat tiki skies

I’m shocked how many people have up on tiki skies. This is some tips that WILL help!
I find it easier than most levels/worlds. I beat the entire world in about a week and a half or so.
First thing you will see is 2 slots.
If you start with a 10 and you have a 9 showing and a Jack showing, click either one and if you can’t get the other card from the cards showing then press the blank box and then you can.
Remember its always the card on top to get moved over and the card under that one to be shown again.
Dont switch cards over unless the other cards are on top of other cards or a run leads you to cards on top of other cards.
If you have a 7 and there’s one 6 and that’s it and than a 8,9,10 play the 6 first before you separate the cards. That usually leads to the cards you will need and you get streaks super easy.
Dont try to jump ahead of the frozen card rounds by setting one aside ahead of time. It will not work 95% of the time.
Save your eliminating trap and bomb cards on the second slot until another card to beat it comes along or you use a card you need and that 2nd card that gets erased by the trap ir bomb helps you.
If your in a good club and get golden tikis unlocked use it on one card that can start a run then move it over. Also on wave breakers if there’s 6 waves showing and you use a golden tiki on a plain 5 than waived 6 it saves your tiki when you separate because only the 5 or whatever card is used.

There’s more but that’s off the top of my head.


So confusing. Can you video tape how you beat the wave breakers?

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