GSN Unfair Don’t Play

Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks’s post
Yhpandme Tripeaks
The game has become disappointing and
where to begin. The game was fun when I
started to play 3 or more years ago. Games you
used to win are now a lot lower in coin even
including tributes. There are days you can’t win
a game and GSN response it depends on the
time of day and day of the week. They role out
where you can earn extra coin by a company or
play a game once I submitted two of them my
phone began ringing off the hook and still us a
month later and after all that I never received
the coin. GSN response call our vendor what a
joke. They rolled out the orbs first time was
really fun and was helpful on certain club
quests. They rolled it out for a second time and
it was so stingy what a joke. Now lastly we
have where you can watch an ad to refresh for
a round of tributes that was great. GSN makes
a change again taking stuff away from us
again. I complained and GSNs response their
vendor does not have enough ads. In todays
world anything you do in the internet what do
we see an AD. GSN needs to take responsibility
instead of blaming everything on vendors!!!
Make the game fun again and stop taking stuff


Hi I’m new at this but I do see that… First I thought boring then things changed… Fun started purchasing within. The more I buy the less I win. What?? Then the new side points that’s forever. The prizes are not matching perks. I’ve spent 20in 24hours. Crazy, right…I like the side games but beyond easy, you don’t have a chance.

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I’ve always wondered who chooses these articles submitted to be in this newsletter?! How is this helpful or needed at all?
This is barely coherent and just another temper rant…
This newsletter should be helpful and informative, now it seems to be a place to constantly complain about the game, talk about other players, gossip, etc. Why do we need article topics such as this? If you are so frustrated ,as we all sometimes, get, then STOP PLAYING,LEAVE A REVIEW and go do something that makes you happy. :expressionless:

I couldn’t agree with you more.

It’s Sony the greedy corporate cheats not GSN that ruined the game.

You’re very right. I notice some of the issues.Somrthing Has changed.