Great Race - anyone get their wild cards yet?

I played the mini-Great Race yesterday (the 1st game in the first island was perfect for it!) and came in 2nd place.

Has anyone else got their prize of wild cards yet? Thanks!

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It’s usually just a bit later than this.


Oh, OK, I was looking for it like instantly. :slight_smile:

I liked the little mini-race. The first time I played the regular Great Race - I played my little heart out, won like 120 games - was all proud and s*#@ - thinking I was definitely in the top ten…:joy::rofl::smiley:

I wasn’t even in the top 5,000. I think I won 1 wild card. :hugs:


Lol. You won more than I ever have!! :joy::joy:

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I never even saw one mention of the stupid race after is was over.

I only won 50 games, but was thinking I would at least get one, but when it timed out it just told me to dismiss it. It was unclear on how it worked. And I was having a hard time winning any game yesterday, so had to wait 20 min to get more coins to keep trying. I am broke at the moment, so couldn’t spend money to keep playing. Kind of frustrating.

I had played alot several years ago before all the teams and quests were added. But took a few years off because it just got so expensive and or time consuming having to play lower levels over and over, and then the win rate was ridiculous.

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Was that the one where you could win from 1 to 5 wilds,
I finished 2 and got 5 wilds. The next day. But not sure that is what your talking about.

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Wild wild wild get down

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