got bamboozled!

I accidentally purchased a $99.99 bundle and they wouldn’t refund me! The play store told me to go to the tiki app and they told me to go to the play store! Due to all the pop ups that come up every time u go to a different page within the tiki app I don’t know they’ll pop up and select something on the page before it pops up with outrageous items to purchase. And never it’ll be $1.99 or smaller purchases, but ridiculous $99.99 or $$79.99 etc etc things! That’s how they tricked me into buying and then not refunding me my purchase! I had to disable my one click purchase I had activated due to this! I was very upset they wouldn’t refund me & feel like they shouldn’t have all those constant pop up ads bc they are outrageous dollar amounts & unrealistic! Anyone else have this issue or experience a no refund when didn’t mean to buy something?

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I suggest that you keep contacting both GSN and the Play Store - possibly taking pictures of the ‘denial’ messages sent by both. You’re obviously getting the runaround, and neither company is willing to accept responsibility.

In the end, you will probably just have to accept what happened. It’s a hard lesson, but a very valuable one. At a minimum, I would absolutely disable “One Click!!!”

As for the ads: They have gotten more ‘aggressive’ - and obnoxious - recently. One that I got yesterday popped up in a game and I actually had to sit for a minute and figure out how to get rid of it, as there was no ‘x’ option. I clicked outside of it and it disappeared. I wonder how many people are going to end up selecting it - only to find that they’ve spent money they didn’t intend to spend!!!


Go directly to the company you ise for payment, if it’s credit card, call them directly and they will correct it.