Good u.k player needs new home

Is there any u.k teams looking for players that chat and complete the perks as looking for a new team

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Hi Lisa, we always get Perks 1 to 5 although, to be upfront with you, we are not a chatty team. If you are interested, please have a look at “Going up” - we have a vacancy currently and would be glad to have you :grinning:

all about tiki is looking for good players. Not from u.k
Stop by and see if you like

@Lisa_Middleton. if you’re currently in a club, go to the Clubhouse and do a search for UK. You can scroll through and tap on the club you’re interested in; if they are public you can just join, if Invite only [usually leagues higher than gold], ask to join. Or try the club who replies to your post. Good luck!


Hi Lisa Quest Hunters is looking for a new member that chats and does quests xx

Hi Lisa

Out team Jaggy Thistles are looking for a couple of good players. We get every CQ and flutter from platinum / diamond. A couple of players have gone to our r&r for a rest due to family commitments. We do chat and are very friendly.

Look us up

Iam looking for a dedicated club that loves to win come join me

Kats house is good. Chatty too and has UK players as well as US. Im from Staffordshire

I’m with a group called charity my name is Lisa(u.k) if u want to add me