Gone from Tripeaks

I have left the game and deleted it from my phone. Why? you ask?
I loved the game but the fun has gone out of it with then newest
changes. There have been a lot of complaints about “scavenger hunt”,
but no response from the powers that be. The changes with the friend
sharing are not what the powers that be want because they want us to
spend money. I won’t and never have, therefore I have said goodbye
to a game that is still fun to play.


@Chubbzbar, Sorry to hear that. I agree, there are some changes that I don’t agree with. I’ve chosen not to play the scavenger hunt. I’m hoping that it’ll go away. Just remember, this is a game. If you enjoyed the game but maybe need a break, take a week or two and just collect coins. I can build up almost a million coins in a week. The team I’m on has a bank week about every 6 weeks. It gives us a break and allows those that need it to build up coins and boosters. If you change your mind, come join us! We are the Tipsy Tikis. Bank week for us starts after next Thursday, so the week between Christmas and new years.


Played twelve levels of those three I earned more than a thousand points all of the others 700 and below. Not sure why you would make these changes, Scrooge’s in the house apparently

Thank you, I appreciate the thought. My biggest issue is that the powers
that be don’t listen to those playing the game.
I won’t be back, but the idea of a bank week is awesome.


Chubbzbar, I have dropped the game, as well. It is a great game to play but not when it crashes so often - every time I played (and, no, my internet connection is not the cause and I stay up on the latest version).
I’ve decided, too, that it is a great waste of time, time that I should be doing other things that I love. But, I made it to the Tiki Paradise level and it was fun while it lasted. :slight_smile:

For the last three weeks I have only been able to get 9000 free coins from friends instead of the 15,000! So incredibly frustrating! I’ve emailed them multiple times but always receive a rambling email with no explanation or remedy.

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Same here. I sent a help ticket and they said they were testing things in the friend center. Apparently at my expense. :frowning: Happened to my hubby as well. So frustrating.

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Me too. I was not happy. A red and somebody else’s post on here that you might be able to install it on a different device and get your friend Center back however I don’t have another device even that I can connect to hotspot or Wi-Fi so I cannot verify whether this will work or not

Yes, they are testing the friend center, they have been for way over a month, closer to 2. And I agree, it is ridiculous. But I also agree with several of the other posts on the forum, it is Sony’s way of trying to force everyone to spend actual money.
I have played this game for about 2 years. In that time I never had over 1 or 2 problems, up until about the last 2-3 months. Now you can’t hardly buy a friggen win, game crashes constantly, they are always jacking with something to cut back on the coins & bonuses. It’s no wonder that long term players are leaving by the boatloads.


The “testing” is happening to many. Mine changed today to 3 shares every 4 hours. My co-leader’s changed to 5 shares every 8 hours. With the change in my sharing program, I loose 24K every 12 hours. They want you to pay to play. Never!

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I uninstalled too, moving on to something else.
Only time I got a response was changing my rating of the game on Google play. Gave it a few months to see if anything changed, it didn’t so moving on.