Gold rebuilding to Platinum

Looking for new players who can commit to playing club quests, minimum 25k club points/week, plays tributes and participates in chat. Join us on Just for Fun with club leader - Chester Badger

Just wondering if I join ur group can keep my current club

You can only be in one club

You need to post your league or something more so that you can be found. There are about a ton of clubs with that exact name, cannot look into hundreds of clubs for Chester. Good Luck ( I never found it) :woman_shrugging:

Thanks you for replying back to me

Appreciate the feedback but I am no longer recruiting for the club.

Im interested .ill help you achieve platinum level but once i do ill have to leave. I work 50 hours a week and i have a family. In the gold league that i beling to i meet cq 95 percent of the time as well as all other requirements. Unfortunately im in a club that dropped from gold to stone for a variety of reasons. I used to play in a platinum club but i had to leave because of my schedule