Glowing Grotto - How do I ever get through this level?

I am having difficulty getting through the Glowing Grotto level. Seems like you need tons of Volcano Cards and getting through to the next level. Any tips?


I look to see what traps the hand has and play the shrine to get the trap killers and then play the hand.


Lots of patience to get through the Grotto, you`ll get there. Best of Luck


Ohhhh!! That is my FAVORITE!! Lol… I will say though, don’t even bother unless you have the golden tiki card to start with! If you do, this is how you play…
:arrow_forward:️Look at any bombs/traps/waves
:arrow_forward:️Diffuse/break any bombs or traps you can FIRST!
:arrow_forward:️THEN pick a card that you can start a streak with, tap it, tap it again to move it to the hold pile, and finally tap again to move that card to the play pile and the tiki card to the hold pile.
:arrow_forward:️ Then play! Fill in your suit cards for the bonus points (the square box thing) as you’re playing. Always try to use cards from the table for that, not the deck. Your goal is to clear the table after all.
:arrow_forward:️ Then at the end you’ll have the tiki card to finish off the level. Also the tiki card will clear the box thing with the 4 suits completely (even if it isn’t filled) and it’ll clear a complete trap torch. A wild will only break the trap.

I hope that helps.


You can use a wild to clear the box in one shot


Grotto is one of my faves, only with Goldie! You’ve been given the best advice already by other players, be patient and strategic!

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By becoming very good with the swap card. Always look for two streaks. The trick is get the red streak star then even if you lose you get more than 3000. I love that island best!

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Yes, this level seems designed for use with Golden Tiki. So, if your club doesn’t earn Perk 6, it is time to find a new club.

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When do you get the reward for the chest once you have beaten a level on the grotto? Very frustrating the level is hard enough, thought this was supposed to be a reward

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That is an awesome trick!

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I understand completely I can’t get past level two

I cannot win level 135 on Glowing Grotto ;(
It seems u have no choice but to buy boosters to win. Very frustrating when u are down to one card, unable to purchase wild or volcano. And 6,000 for more cards is crazy