Glowing Grotto-Crystal Bonus??

What are the crystal bonus for in Glowing Grotto? I’m not noticing any bonus points for them. Thanks in advance for any help. :blush:


2 things, here is a screenshot … the bonus is clearing the 4 suit card. Also by going under FAQ on the game, click your portrait pic and the FAQ section, there is a breakdown of eatures of the game.


I don’t think I have that!

I still don’t understand what we get for it or when we get it. Can someone please explain it to me?

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Yeah! Me too! I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Plus, the first prize was a Treasure Chest, what happened to it?

You get coins for filling the card I just played to see and it automatically added 50 coins to my bank, it happens quick so it’s hard to see how much it is