Gift Boxes not giving what was advertised

Bought the large gift box this morning. It was advertised as 2x loyalty points and 2x thank you points. I did receive the 2x loyalty points (1,100) but just noticed I’m only receiving 7,000 thank you points instead of the advertised 14,000 per thank you. How can this be fixed? I’ve already received points from 11 teammates (77,000) instead of 154,000.

Same here. I put in a help ticket at 6am and have no response yet.

The only thing you can do is to contact support, as the other member mentioned.

Where do put in a help ticket?

I went to help in the game which can be found under your account/profile.

I have just sent in ticket as well. It was the only reason I bought them because of the double rewards. Now wait and see for a reply.

This is what I received from support this morning. When i opened my game they compted me 240,000 coins. Hope you hear back from them soon.

Solitaire TriPeaks Support

May 29, 2024 01:08 AM
Aloha. I’m DeVilliers from the TriPeaks Support team, thanks for writing in.

We really appreciate you reporting this issue to us. We’ve passed the information to our development team for necessary changes and we have gone ahead and credited the missing Thank You Coins to your game account. We have also added some additional Coins for the inconvenience. Please tap on your Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks game inbox to collect the coins.


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Yes, I just received my missing coins as well. That was quick, they must have had a lot of complaints.

In the game go to MENU (top left), tap HELP, scroll to the bottom and tap Chat with us

Same problem that i had in the past. Your complaints go without comment. I no longer ever buy gifts