getting 9,000 instead of 15,000 coins from friend center

Hello! One of my friends (who plays on a tablet with an updated version) told me she is ONLY getting 9,000 coins and ask 3 people instead of the 15,000 and 5 people per 4 hours at the friends center. she already has the facebook app installed and is using the current version, i tried pretty much everything and i can’t figure this out! ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!! x


Your friend is a test subject. The game has selected some people to test new settings for the friend center on.


do you know where I can read more information on this?

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She would have gotten a notification in the inbox on the game, most if the timey do notify testers, it’s the tab that is part of the rewards


One of my players can only ask every 8 hours. She wrote in and they told her she is a tester. It sucks!!

I’m annoyed by this too. Seems uneven. I thought it was based on levels but no. Oh well.

I suspect this will soon be a permanent state for the rest of the players.

I am super mad at this. For me, I can only ask every 8 hours. I figure I am losing 30000-45000 coins per day. I have complained saying it wasn’t fair but they keep telling me that they are testing new settings. Great. Why can’t my settings be every 2 hours then? Not happy.


This is rediculous. How can we compete with others if we are not treated equal. I want the same coins as everyone else. Make it an even playing field.

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Everyone, please make sure you report all friend center problems to customer service so they know that those in the test group are having problems. I don’t believe TriPeaks reads every post here (because this is meant to be a players helping players forum - boot customer service) Write every day if you need to (the squeaky wheel gets oiled! Lol)

In the game, tap on your profile pic (top left corner), then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the screen.


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Sent many emails. Same response was they are testing friends centre and they can not credit me what I have lost. This is not an error and can only be corrected by then.

@Corn, yay, keep sending your reports. You may not be compensated - but the goal here, as far as I can see, is for them to realize the change is a problem.

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I am in the same boat, and I HATE it. I was getting 5 people giving me coins every three hours— heaven! And suddenly, one day, it was down to 3 people. “Testing” the friends center? Geez. They could have sent me a questionnaire or spmething if they wanted to test new ideas, and I could have told them this was a lousy idea. I also now have a reconfigured treasure room, too, with two slots filled with lousy 500 coin payoffs and the only way to win a booster is to hit the center hole, which used to be for wild cards. This is getting old fast.

If you’re not buying coins, my team has found that they lowered us to 9000 instead of 15000. If you look under news, you’ll see that they’re working on the Friendship section and deciding who is going to go to 9000. One person’s already left the team can another person is getting ready to leave the game because of all these changes. including making it harder to win by upping the amount to play also. The game is just not fun to play anymore.