Generous club will need team member

Chatterbox will have a spot open after reset. We normally give about 12 double gift boxes. High gold team, will need someone who plays tributes and club quests.

Just wondering if your team digs.

The team is active on the race but not the digs.

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I’m a tribute hunter and club quest supporter, team player and use chat. looking for a new group been playing 2 years. Looks like your group might work. Teatimefl.

Would love to have you. I’ll put the team on invite only and you can let us know you are interested on Friday

Would love to join your team. I play daily and i love to do the race but my current team is a little scattered so a whole lot of nothing gets completed.

If you are still looking we have room.

We have a goid team and are still looking for the right fit. We no longer do shovels but are involved in the race.