Games Refusing Stars

Are there games for some of you that just refuse to give you all three stars? I have several boards on here that I’ve played a lot but they will not give all 3 stars for anything. I had one a couple of days ago that needed a streak star and I managed a long streak in the game and finished with plenty of time left but still did not get the streak star for it.

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Hi @Maria_Johnson, just to be sure - without a streak doubler, you need to get 5 cards in a row to fill 1/3 of the streak monitor (the center of the top of the screen). You need to do that 3 times in the same game to fill it completely and get your red streak star.

With a streak doubler, you need 3 cards in a row to complete 1/3 of the streak monitor. 5 cards in a row will give you 2/3rds. 8 cards in a row fills the streak monitor completely.

If you fill the streak monitor completely, you should get your red streak star… and that is regardless on the whether you have run out of time or not.

If you filled the streak monitor completely, and didn’t receive a red star, then you should contact player services.

To do that, tap on your profile pic (top left corner in the game), then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the screen.


Do these same rules apply during club competition? eg.


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@Pam_Corson, yes they do! :slight_smile:

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