Games Harder to Win Recently

Many in my team have complained recently that they are having problems winning games. I agree and feel that something has changed and winning has become a lot more difficult. Anyone else?


It’s been awful. All on my team agree :pensive:

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I agree and so do most of my team, some have stopped playing! Wasting too many coins trying to get perks and club quests.

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I had a brutal day yesterday, trying to win games. It seems to be better today.

Members of my club also think the games have become harder to win.

Have had a very bad week winning games, even the dig has proved hard. I stop after 9k extra. Sometimes I’ve turned the cards and not a single one has pulled a card. Think they have made it harder with tight fisted rewards.

I think it has been more difficult too. Ive been playing for a couple of years and have been debating off & on about leaving the game. Its not really been fun anymore.

Me, too, as well as others on my team. I’ve been playing for about 8 years.

I agree but the only way to change it is for everyone to stop playing for one day or 2 if we have to. Remember they need us more than we need them. But with this group it will never happen

It’s been frustrating to play - I went through decks of cards and not getting one good card . Playing the race was a waste of time - I was and still thinking of quitting - when it’s frustrating and not fun why play anymore

I agree also getting less rewards or harder to obtain rewards. For me days where you get double poi rewards i cant seem to win more than a few games before i quit because i use 9k extra and sometimes still can’t win

I do agree with that and been having a heck of a time winning to find my self having to go back to cheaper games to make up enough coins to keep playing.or pay to buy more coins and have the time don’t get alot of what i order so find myself only ordering coins so they need to do better go team keep it causal !!

Games are harder but got to love them right do you abree