Game won’t connect to website

I have tried NUMEROUS times to get the game and website connected together to NO avail!! I am using my email address because there is NO way I’m linking to Fakebook. I can’t collect the awards on the website because of this. Why don’t you make it that we log in with a username and password? SMH. I’ve only been playing for a couple weeks and I’m ready to UNINSTALL this train wreck!! I purchased 3 sets of extra cards and still couldn’t finish the ONE card til I used a WILD card!! When you make the game harder and rip people off, they don’t want to play!!!

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I have been unable to sign in to my account that I have had for 6+ years. I signed in trough FB for years. I have a side account that I rarely use. I CAN log in to it. Now, I am out of millions of points, lost contact with the friends I made in my Foxy Roxy group. When I sent a message for help, all I got was: we are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. Since then?? Nothing!

I keep trying to get into Also and I can’t. I am so sick of this game when it won’t connect to the website.