Game crashes constantly

My kiddo is playing on his iPad and keeps getting kicked out of the game. He’s losing coins and boosters. Does anyone know how to stop that from happening? Fwiw his iPad isn’t old and all tabs are closed. Tia!


Beth, I play on a Kindle and mine crashes too. Very frustrating! I have sent messages to T Peaks but the response is always my internet. But I have played at my friends house who has high speed and it still does the same. I see a lot of people complaining of the same. I don’t think they have a fix for it.

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Thanks. So frustrating!

I have the same problem Beth. If my son lends me his IPad I do not have a problem so I think there may be a compatibility issue with Kindle

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Sorry Beth I was responding to Aileen and put your name by mistake. Regarding your son’s problem I think this came up in the last review. I don’t remember all the details but I think the advice was to open Siri and clear the history or something similar. Hopefully the person who posted that advice will post again


I clear my data regularly im Apple /Safari but lately that isn’t helping…
I get kicked a lot on the dig days I think it has something to do with that…:woman_shrugging:t2:


It seems to me that any device I choose to play Solitaire Tri Peaks on crashes; from old phones, computers, tablets, new phones and computers as well as tablets. I continue to play the game even though I continuously have to reload the game/app then wait each time for it to load in regards with losing coins, boosters, chest’s even club points to with crashing during the quests which sometimes doesn’t allow me to finish or even earn the quest points. Please help within fixing these bugs. Thank You.

Jeffrey Webb


They have known about this problem for months now and choose to do nothing to fix it. Always they blame the router, even when it is new and updated. Never their fault not even when it comes up ‘unknown error’ The latest is Amazon Appstore failure, anyone but them.


@Beth_Caruso_Cook mein Spiel auch. Mittendrin oder am Ende eines levels und zieht mir dann aber auch die Münzen ab, aber das Level habe ich dann umsonst gespielt obwohl ich zum Beispiel gewonnen hätte.
Seit dem neuen Update spinnt es

Geht gar nicht. Vor allem weil die Münzen immer abgezogen werden und es auch bleiben wenn man das Spiel neu startet. Aber das Level muss man dann erneut spielen, auch wenn man gewonnen hatte.

The thing is, my son and I both play using the same internet. I’m using an android tablet, he’s using an iPad. His game constantly kicks him out, mine doesn’t. Definitely not the internet connection.

l am sorry but l have no idea what you are saying, As you so obviously understood my reply could you maybe repeat this in English

She probably used Google to translate your comment as I did for hers. This is what she said:

my game too. In the middle or at the end of a level and then pulls the coins from me, but then I played the level for free even though I would have won, for example.
Doesn’t work at all. Mainly because the coins are always withdrawn and remain so when you restart the game. But you have to play the level again even if you won.


Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that.


I’m on a brand new Android, I only downloaded FB & TriPeaks. Whenever the digging starts, my new phone glitches big time.

Did you ask have more problems during competitions too?

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Yes, for sure. I’m playing on a new android tablet as well. My game lags, but doesn’t crash like my kid’s does on his iPad. :woman_shrugging:t3:


@Beth_Caruso_Cook, I would try clearing Safari cache. Couldn’t hurt.


This has been happening to me for a while. At first they blamed my router which l upgraded. Then it was my device, which l replaced. Now it is Amazon Appstore failure. l recently found that l can play on my old laptop which uses a mouse. Fine but slow until they decided to start crashing that too. lf it wasnt for my fantastic team l would have left months ago.