Friends list not an option

I don’t have the option for inviting friends what’s goi on here ??

I know a couple other people who don’t have the Friend Center either. They were told they are part of the test group. I don’t know know what they are testing, but I hope their test ends soon.


Thanks for the clarification… and I appreciate you answering my question.

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This happened to a friend of mine who started a second acct so she messaged GSN and was told she had to be at a certain level in the game to have access to friends!

The FAQ’s say level 30. My granddaughter is on level 53, and does not have the Friend Center. :frowning:

Thanks…I couldn’t remember what level she said! Did your daughter message GSN and that’s how you found out about a trial?

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I swear the emails don’t help either I got a very generic response back . :upside_down_face:

Yes @Tiah323, she did. I noticed a few posts here mentioning not having the Friend Center, so I just posted this:

Don't have the Friend Center??

@Lori23, you can always always count on a generic response first. Even when I help my own family with computer related problems I have to ask first, "is the computer on?: lol.

Those who respond and say “I did that already” (even if you said it in your original submission), will be elevated to a higher priority. If you are not satisfied with your 2nd response, reply again! Each reply elevates the trouble ticket.

At some point, you might figure out there’s nothing they can do for you - yet. But don’t think of it as wasted time. You let TriPeaks know there is a problem, and that you are beyond not turning your computer on.

And there is power in numbers!