Friends asking for help

There seems to be a problem when I share coins with friends asking for help. It says sending coins but they never received it. And it keeps showing on the game message that they need help. How can this be solved please?

Three have been others having the same issue. I’m curious, did you update the Tripeaks app in the last 48 hours?

i’m hoping the newest update fixes that, :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for an update, my last update was July 24 and no new version available currently

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That’s the version I just updated to Tracy. I don’t have automatic updates, so I might have missed one. I guess when the new popup “Update” box started appearing a couple days ago, I thought they had an new update available. Confusing!

From what I understand it’s a Facebook issue its more complicated than expected, support is working with them for a fix… here is hoping for a quick one!!!