Friend center coins

I was wondering why I’m only getting a 1000 coins from 5 people instead of 5000 coins from 5 people every 4 hrs


My guess is maybe you are part of a test?
There have been several test running in the friend center, at different time with different players, different coin amounts and collect times. (My friend shares are 3k/5friends every 4hrs)
You can submit a ticket to the help center threw your game and see what they say also.

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I sent coins whenever requested. Often I don’t get any

Did that twenty times! Had NO FRIEND CENTER at all! I had to be deleted from my club, started all over now it’s 1000 per person ! They do not care! Just take your money!

It is very much a free game, it’s all in how you choose to play it.
I never had Facebook when the coin share was there and managed to build coins . Now I’m thankful for the friend center in the game. I endured a long test cycle as you will find previous posts by me. And yes it was very frustrating as I got use to something it would change.


So I did notice for a while on my game also, most of my friends were in my group so I could chat and ask them to look, I found that it seemed my request was not being sent to all members…I sent pictures of my chat/friends list to game services/help and got a lame feedback but after that it stoped. I’m not sure if it’s part of the testing but I seen it happen with my own eyes.
There is one suggestion I can give tho, I always go threw my friends list now and if a player is idle 28hrs or has low shares I delete them and find a new one. (Shares are reset on sundays if that helps)
Good luck to finding friends that share.


It seems as some newer players in our club are only getting 1000 coins from friends, where as most players are getting 3000. I am telling them to turn in a ticket to get it fixed.


I have a different tactic on friends center usage. I have a core group that shares aplenty. And then I reserve about 5 spots for folks in the lower leagues to encourage greater participation in the game. Only If they don’t play for 30 days do I drop them for someone new and newbie-ish. Every so often I go out and cull diamond or platinum level club folks not in my team to save spots for newbies, cause they dont need my help.

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I never considered saving spots for newbies! I think that’s a really good idea to follow!