Free coins and booster???

When I try to get coins or boosters it sends me to this page and when I click either option it sends me back to game but gives me nothing :upside_down_face: how can I fix this plzzzz help

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If you’re trying to get free coins or boosters, I would assume you are tapping on links that are in their Facebook Page [Solitaire TriPeaks]. Depending on which links you tap, it can bring you to the forrum. You can get free coins in the app itself [bottom right corner] and you can access their Facebook Page in the News tab [INBOX, top right]. If you’re still having issues, you may need to clear your cache and or uninstall, reinstall or contact their support [MENU [top left in game], HELP then Contact Us.


Hey, JesseJames… I can’t help with your question; however, I would like to welcome you to the TriPeaks Forum. It has been a great help to me!! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum @Jessejames!