Free Ads Not Working

What in the world is going on with the ability to watch the 5 FREE ads for extra coins? For days now this feature has not been working correctly. Some times one ad will play and that is it. Other times no ad will play. Each time a message generates that says “Ad are not available at this time. Please try again later.” What in the world is going on? Please fix this issue. A lot of players use this feature to earn extra coins and a wild card.


I too am having trouble getting the ads. Some days none, some days the first three curtain ads but can’t get to the wild card. I am retired so play from around 06:00am to around 10:00pm…every day…so it’s not as if I miss the slot in the day when they are available!! As I play so much I came to rely on the ads for top ups. Now my coins are well depleted as this has been going on for three weeks! Please can you sort this problem out Tri peaks??? A lot of players would be very grateful.


@CindyJo close the game and restart it, I had to do this a few times, this allowed me to watch more videos

I rarely watch ads anymore, as they always lock up or boot me out of the game so I have to restart. Also, I get 1000 coins for each ad. Other members of my team get choices, and on the 5th ad watched they get a wild card. I would watch ads if they worked, and I got the same as my teammates for watching. Incidentally, I have been trying to watch the daily ad that comes up in my rewards, but keep getting the message that ads are not available at this time- all day! If you want players to watch ads, and keep your advertisers happy, you need to fix these issues :slightly_smiling_face:

I have tried closing out my game and restarting it… as well as cleaning out my cookies and cachet multiple times and the ads still don’t work correctly. And I perform these actions long before I made contact.
For me to contact a company regarding an issue is a last resort. I only do this if all my efforts to try to troubleshoot on my end yield no results. And this is exactly what’s happening. This is a problem that’s been going on for a while now. And it’s frustrating when players look to this avenue for topping off their coin count as well as getting a wildcard, just to have it not work correctly. My inbox ad earning doesn’t always work either. So it’s not just happening with the 5 free ads. I haven’t been able to do either in completion, for at least a week. This is a glitch with in the gaming system, not in individual player’s system. Please research it and fix the problem. Surely I am not the only one experiencing this issue.

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I was having the same problem a couple weeks ago, but the latest update seems to have fixed it. However, if you close the no more ads available box and click watch again, you’ll get another video. You might even have to do it 5-7 times. It’s ridiculous, but you can and will win up to 5k per video and you get more than 5 every day.

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