Forum Help - Posting a New Topic, or Posting to an existing Topic

If you have a question, or are looking for information, first do a search of the forum to see if it’s already been answered. Here is a post with tips on searching:

Forum Help - Searching this forum

If you can’t find an answer, and want to post your question, or tell people about something you have figured out, then you’ll want to Create a Topic.

First find the Category that applies to that topic. If you are not already viewing the forum categories page, click or tap on the Categories button at the top of the page.

Once in that category, then click or tap on “+ New Topic”

This will open the Composer Panel.

1. First give your topic a title. This must be at least 15 characters.

2. Make sure this topic will be posted into the desired category. You can change the category here, by tapping here and selecting the correct category.

3. Type the body of your post here. If you want to include an image or screenshot in your post, here are instructions:

Forum Help - Uploading an image or screenshot

Please Note: This panel (as well as the Reply composer panel), is free floating, on top of whatever page you were viewing before you clicked or tapped the “Create Topic” button.

If you hit your back button, it will not close this panel, as that will make the underlying page go back to the previous page instead – and this box will stay open.

To close this box, you either have to hit the Create Topic button, or Cancel to abandon the post.

4. Lastly, click or tap the “Create Topic” button at the bottom.

Ta-da! Topic Created! :tada:

To add to a topic that has already been created, the Reply button is your friend. You’ll only need to decide if you want to Reply to the Topic as a whole, or to an individual that has posted in that topic. If you tap the grey reply button next to a person’s post, they will be notified, even if they are not “Watching” the topic.

You can see that the Composer Panel for a topic reply is slightly different than the Create Topic Composer Panel – you won’t have a title or category selection. All Composer Panels are an overlay layer on top of the page you were viewing. If you accidentally leave the page you were viewing before hitting the Reply button at the bottom, you may be asked in which topic your reply is supposed to be posted.


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