First Perk First or First Perk Last? [Sample Post, but feel free to reply]

What are the advantages of starting the hardest Perk first?

We personally like the Gold Tiki and thats why we do it early. However, our team plays 1,2 & 3 before 6. The new game comes in the night and they others are so quick they are usually done without having to tell people to move all the time. But the Gold Tiki is a must!!


We do, 1,2 then 6. Love it when we git-r-done!


We decided as a team to do 6–1. Even though 1 & 2 are only about 20,000 club points to complete, we decided we would rather put those points toward Perk 6 to get the Golden Tiki. Looking at the rewards for Perks 1 & 2 we all voted and decided to go for the hardest first. Most top team do it this way and we figured why not? Our club is new and just starting our 3 event and finished 60 the first week and 43 the 2nd. I think if you let your club decide together the Perk Order that they feel a part of the decision making and work hard to get things accomplished. I am the leader but not the dictator. It is our club not my club.


We are also a new team. We spun off from a team where the same 5-6 top players were the only real contributors. We got tried of quite a few of our team mates just coming on at the last minute to collect rewards. This was our first week as our new team, so we started 1, 2, 3 etc. We have already changed our perk order to 6, 1, 2, 5, 3, 4, 7 for the next rotation.

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We are not a top 500 team. We are usually in the 700’s now.
We are doing 1,2, and 3 then 6,5,4.
We get 1 and 2 done in hours. We liked doing 3 because that gave us the red star booster. And we’d get more coins for the daily club bonus. (under in box)
This week the booster is in 4. I bet they keep it there, because we are using the boosters more.
I just put out the question to the club I’m in. Since some of us love the booster, do we want to keep perk order as is, or in the future just do 1,2, booster and then 6.
Answers are just now coming in, but it seems like we have 3 main answers, we like gold, red boosters and other than the booster, 4 really isn’t worth it.
We usually get all the perks done, but not till the very last day, and sometimes the last hours.
I love that our leader lets us chat away and then she makes a choice.
She is usually sleeping when we are chatting and she wakes up to all of our chats!


We do 126543 however if one of the lower levels have the red booster we will do that after 6. We are a very international team so this works best for us as we are in different time zones.