Finding the right club

I am wondering how people find the right fit for them? I am in a casual club, Gold league, usually gets 5 perks. Finished CQ about 60-70% of the time. I play daily, generally have at least 15k for the week, complete all CQ’s. I would like a club that is still fun and not overly intense but completes the CQ’s and particularly the extra perks.

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Hi Jdiane!
I really think it’s up to you. Drop in one, feel it out and decide from there. When I first started playing, I joined a club that didn’t chat at all. No response when I asked questions or said hello. Not my kind of club, so I moved on… I have been in a awesome club since then. If you want to come in, we have a spot open.
Tiki Central is our name. Try us, I’m pretty sure you would like us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We are a platinum team looking for players who love to play. We always get all the perks plus the extra one. All we ask is you participate in quests, drop in to the chat daily and have fun.

Ex Diamond & higher leagues top players just started a relaxed no big commitment club as both got life things getting in way. So don’t let current league put you off.

Looking to recruit players after a relaxed club that wants to grow but not have that big commitment of higher ranked clubs.
Yes we want you to play when you can put it’s a club that realises life does get in the way of game playing.

Look up The Ice Hotel if you wanna join where the Dawn twins play :wink:

We look forward to welcoming you aboard

Come check us out, Perk Smashers. We love to chat and help each other out. Usually finish all 6 Perks and sometimes the 7th

join my club, “Blondies” :blush:

Check out Lilith Land, reqs are daily play, max 24hrs idle without notice (we all have lives so we just ask you let us know) Monday 10k that 16k. We’d like to increase that once we have more members
We’d love to have you come by and see if we’re a right fit

Please come join us…PerkPros. We are currently in Platinum but are a diamond level team. We complete perk 6 by Saturday! Just go to chat when you join, read our rules (not strict) and communicate!

You sound like a great fit for our club! Wet Okole.

Until today, we have been in platinum. We are working on rebuilding our team and getting back up to platinum from gold. When we have a full team, we are able to get all perks and team quests. But more importantly, we like to enjoy our time playing and have fun as a team! I hope you will check us out!


Feel free to look up/look out for the ‘the ice hotel’

We’d love to have you onboard

Would love for you to try our team! 5k daily, complete all quests, chat! We are “just playing” logo has tongue sticking out. Currently platinum, but we make diamond often! Come, request to join as we are currently invite only! Give us a try!

We are usually a gold and platinum team but since we created this new club we do make cq,perks are a little harder since we are building up the club with only daily players that likes to complete cq and perks and can max at least 1/3.and no idles over 18. So if you want to help us build the club up we would love to have you at Peace,love&tiki also I am looking for a couple of co leaders so I will be looking for that as well
I’ve had my own club for going on three years and just wanted a fresh start

I have what you want the survivors. My email is lookup our team . I thought you had other teammates.

Hi there! You sound like the right person to join our team. We share the same philosophy. Our team is called The Club. We are in the Gold league, usually top 5, and moved up to Platinum once. We removed some players who were not performing and looking to add someone to join. Someone like you!