Feeling Left Out (Halloween)

International user here. Can’t participate in the official Halloween contest because I live outside the US/Canada. This is quite surprising because I can buy and win coins in the game without any issues!

Why can’t there be something set up for the international users? I spent this morning playing to win, trying to get the October 28 Spooky Pumpkin portrait as I thought a themed avatar would be cool for this week. Well, it seems it’s for 2017 users only (I just joined) and there’s no 2018 version. This sucks because now I’ve got a full page of portraits in my collection that are impossible to unlock! Please please consider this TriPeaks team! Very disappointed - I really wanted to get the Christmas one too!


@Feeyonah. Seems like there is a legal issue about the Halloween contest and international players. So I really cannot blame Tripeaks to not want to break international regulations and perhaps fines or lawsuits. I don’t know the exact issue, but that’s what they said. In regard to the forum. It’s a forum for players, so Tripeaks game people do go through and read all of the posts. This is players helping players. Best way to send them issue problems is through customer support or they occasionally ask for input on their Facebook page. Good luck!!

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I live in the US and didn’t have that as an option. Would have loved to have a spooky pumpkin avatar!

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I don’t remember seeing anything for Halloween. And I live in the United States