Fake clubs in competitions?

Has anyone had luck finding teams that’s name starts with an X? We are competing against one that begins and ends with an X. I’m wondering if this is one of the notorious fake clubs manned by solitaire employees? When I try to look it up it returns with “no clubs found”

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What exactly is the name of the club? There are clubs that begins with upper or lowercase “x” and some ends with upper or lowercase “x” as well.


When I addressed this to the Help Agent, they said “no non existing team wins a game”! Not true as Rose’s Blooms does not exist and won the boat race. Exact spelling, etc. is required when looking up. Since my asking and begging to differ, there has been no non existing club compete when we dig or race…what does that tell you?

Right I checked and dbl checked spelling, caps etc and tried to find the team several days. After I posted, that team slowed down their ply and we jumped into 2nd…

It tells me that you are in fact,wrong and throwing around false allegations. Rose’s Blooms DOES exist, in fact there are 2 teams with that exact name,one is Platinum and the other is Wood.
Sometimes you just need to play around with the name if you know there IS a club but it doesn’t come up in search . I left the S off the end of Rose and it came up. EXACT spelling can often give you no result.
Apostrophes can usually always mess up a search or really anything but it doesn’t mean they just don’t exist, I wouldn’t assume that as some sort of scheme to make you lose a race. :roll_eyes:


Yes… there are teams starting with an X … found easily. I have not heard of any fake clubs being formed by solitaire employees and what would be the purpose in that? They can look into ANY club they want to at anytime, there is no need for a fake club. Are you even serious? So… they’re just out to make sure YOUR club loses or something ? Come on now :laughing:


I stand by my statement and we don’t care to not win! We don’ care if legit teams are used. You have your opinion, so thanks anyway.

I agree Susan. ClaireZ, it’s been pretty well known that the mgmt has employees play to bump up play. “Playing around” with a name may get you a similar name, but it has to be EXACT to hit on the team that you may be playing against. And not sure why you are so aggressive about your response?

Also, they as much as admitted they do it when they explained to Susan that those non-existing teams don’t win. The point is to get other members/teams to bet and play more… right?

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I’m hardly aggressive but these conspiracy theories that you think are real are actually so ridiculous,that I have to respond. It is NOT known to all that the company makes fake clubs to mess with you. You yourself may think that but don’t speak for the masses who know better.
I have been here since 2016 and when I see this type of postings and people blaming anyone but their own club for failure, I need to speak about it as its truly ludicrous . Play well, play smart and you will likely do better than just making up slanderous accusations.

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You can’t seem to comprehend what they are saying ; any team that is non-existant cannot win meaning that IF A CLUB IS NOT REAL, IT CANNOT WIN.
So you are playing teams that are very real,if you can’t accept that,then switch your meds. I’m done with these goofs, why does this type of thing even get posted? :

So you do see that the teams are real by your stating " we don’t care to lose to any club,don’t care if legit clubs are used"… I don’t think any club wants to lose so perhaps your club could just play smarter, play better get a better team and you will win more.Try it and perhaps you can stop, making crazy accusations & excuses. You’re welcome :relaxed:

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