Facebook Login / Apple ID -- Save your game progress! :)

Hi all, ok I spent some time figuring this new change that TriPeaks just announced.

It sounds like they are giving us another beneficial option.

In the past, if we wanted to save our game progress externally (besides on our device), we had to have a Facebook account.

NOW (sometime in April), we can also use an Apple ID to save our progress - even if we have an android! Wow!

So, if you have an android, and not a FB user - you can create your Apple ID, by going to this website, and following the directions:

(Thank you @Darlene_Picou_Delaun for the link!)

Once they implement this change, if you have an account that is not linked to anything, you will now have two options to link up and save your progress. You can keep your unlinked account if you want. You don’t have to change a thing. But, for that extra security, to save your game progress, you now have another option.

The flipside of this, is we can’t have a linked account, and an account that is not linked at the same time, on the same device.

They called a not linked account a Guest account, which might cause some confusion, but don’t let it! It’s just an account that is not linked, or logged in anywhere.

If it’s important that you have 2 accounts, like in the case of leader of a club, and leader of a rest club, you’ll want to link both accounts to either FB, or Apple ID.

Also, this info is not verified yet, but when I find out for sure, I’ll update this post.


The actual date hasn’t set, it just said April


Can you combine an existing Guest account with an already existing Facebook account info one Facebook account on one device?

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No, the way I understand it, only one account can be linked to a FB account.

I don’t yet know how Apple ID plays into it, but I’m guessing it doesn’t help.

I would (and have) created an additional FB account to store my guest account info.


To be clear, I meant I don’t think Apple ID helps with FB accounts. I have no clue if they will give us a choice of logging in to a FB account or Apple ID account. That would be helpful. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi, I very much look forward to your update on this topic. I am a club leader distanced from my club because I am not a FB user!
Thanks for putting this out there.

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TY @1stLadytee, I won’t know for sure until they implement it. But as soon as I know, I’ll do an update! :slight_smile:

I’ve been dying to figure out how to use my fb account and guest account, I finally got fed up last night and contacted Customer Support, which lead me to the screenshot.

I linked my guest account to my Apple ID. I want to click on logging into my fb account so bad but I’m afraid I’ll be locked out of my guest account (my main account).

Has anyone been able to log in and out of both accounts?

@CindyLu do you have the answer?


No, I don’t. So far when I click Accounts from my Guest account, I only get the option to log on to my FB account. I don’t, because I want to log in using my Apple ID

I have two Facebook accounts and my guest account. When I received the update, I saved my guest account to my Apple ID. I can now switch between any of the three accounts. When you log off of one account, all you can do is log into another account. I can verify it works great except it’s a little tricky to switch between the two Facebook accounts.

FYI- when you log into an account that has no game saved to it yet, it will save the current game to it. If the account does have a game saved to it, it will automatically load it.

Hope this helps.