Facebook log in request

Since the latest update every time I open the game, I get these messages about logging in and the ‘continue with Facebook’. I’m always logged in. It’s very annoying. Anyone else that gets these messages figure out how to get rid of it

I get it too on my tablet and it’s probably because I don’t have the Facebook app on it. On my mobile phone, this does not happen, but I do have and use the Facebook app on it.

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I get this as well, I’m always logged in to Facebook, but ever time I try to open the game up it pops. I haven’t found out how to get rid of it.

I believe this is one of the glitches they are working on. Have you submitted a ticket through the help center? The more people that submit tickets the more aware they are of how big the issue is

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I have, with pictures of it. And got the basic canned response of ‘delete game, check WiFi, etc’

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Reply to that message if that didn’t work (and I’m thinking it didn’t).