Facebook link doesn't work now

The Facebook link on the tripeaks game will not show any Facebook friends to invite? What happened? Can you please fix this?

My understanding is that it is a Facebook issue. :frowning:

Facebook has changed their privacy agreement, you can no longer send friends an invite to a game, how ever you can send friends that are playing the game help with coins


@Tracy. I wasn’t aware of this…how can you send friends help with coins?

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Your friends list should remail for asking for coins, and your friends currently playing should be able to ask you for help. The tab where you can invite friends to play, facebook has removed that. To ask for coins from your friends, while you are on the game click the facebook icon, than click on tripeak friends, select the friends you want to ask for help, you can collect a max gift of 60k every day (20 friends) I send help to 30 friends as not all of them respond so I can get my max coins daily


I am so silly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: yes of course I am aware of this! My brain was geared toward helping people with my own coins :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi if everyone can see this y’all can add me as a Facebook friend I will help with coins! And could use the help as well. Thank you!