Facebook Friends function

I have several Facebook friends playing Solitaire Tri Peaks but when I use the Facbook Friends button in the game, no friends show up. I have even specifically search for particular friends I know play the game and am told that no friends are playing. Any help or suggestions?

Have you also tried the ASk option? Where you go to get your free coin collect, the ASK is there, when Iopen the Facebook icon it has not been loading for me, but the ASK has been working and my friends appear on it. Also by clicking on yhe club and than DISCOVER, your friends should show up there snd what club they are in


I’ve tried that button but it tells me I haven’t selected any friends, but unfortunately no friends are showing for me to select.

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There are alot of people having alot of problems with the new update, if at all possible, go through the help option on the game and submit a ticket… they are back logged with tickets , so hang in there!


@Nodak504, try this
In the Facebook app, (it may be different on the computer), go to:

Account Settings
Logged in With FB
Solitaire Tripeaks

Make sure “Friends List” is checked.

Alternately, I had a member whose friends were not showing up because she had a lot of friends from other games. As she deleted those, her Tripeaks friends started appearing in her list.

I hope this works for you!

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I love it this game has become my main pass time