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Why can i not log in with another facebook account on my ipad

I don’t have an iPad, so I’m not sure. Are you able to log out of your Facebook account? Are you using the FB app, or a browser to view FB?

On the samsung is every thing oke but the ipad pffffff

Are you wanting 2 accounts? A lot of people have a separate FB account for the game only. That keeps them from adding FB friends to their personal account. If you do that your second account will start from scratch. You can’t share coins or sync your accounts.

I posted on the FB Solitaire Tripeaks Friends page with MY workaround for this problem (if I’m understanding you correctly…)

I have 2 Samsung Android Tablets & 2 iPhones

Hopefully this helps you!

Well grrrr…I was going to share the link to the post & video I added (the step-by-step details are in the comments in the post)

Here is a link to the group so you know which one I’m referring to and a screenshot of the post…along with a link of the video I save to Google photos

**FB PAGE (Look for Post on 11/9/18)



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