Extra bonus for ppl who max

Several team members and I have discussed that it would be nice to have a special bonus for people who actually max on their teams! Lots of time, commitment, and coins spent, by the usual suspects, while others are not contributing.

Leaders realize it’s about removing slackers, but still, would be nice to get a “bonus” for maxing!


Er, only players contributing get the reward so why get something on top? For God’s sake don’t ask them to change anything else, the games got enough glitches as it is and some players can’t get on the game to play it!

Actually, that’s not entirely true…

If the quest is to Play x number of games and a club member plays ONE single game, they will get the payout. Same with the Win x number of games, Collect x number of Red Stars, and Win x number of Club Points (CP) - a club member need only win ONE single game, win ONE single Red Star, or get ONE CP to get the payout.

Yes I know all that. It means that if you have 25 players they DON’T have to max as all are joining in. Or that if some have almost got there, and have to work etc, the others add their couple of games to help achieve the reward. Such as it is. The rewards are crap which is why I don’t get what all the fuss is about. Unless some folks are confusing them with perks which are worth working together for…

TikiJan - I was replying to Janine’s comment: “Er, only players contributing get the reward so why get something on top?”

Thanks for putting my name when I am using a nickname on this forum. nice use of confidentiality. It’s a bad attitude to criticise players as slackers who may have other problems to deal with, and a lot of people are having issues getting the game to load due to all the stupid changes, which have only annoyed everyone. I don’t treat my team like that!

Janine, it says Janine when you post something