Etiquette in choosing a club name

There have been a lot of crazy silly names of clubs. But I got the shock of my life when I was invited to join the club…I EAT PINK PUSS. Not a made up name for a bad joke. I find this very offensive, vulgar and shocking. Shocked to see that this is ok with the Tri-peaks council. Are there rules or standards? Please check on this and let me know.

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Yowzers!!! I will flag your post and see if we can get some answers!

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I also receive a request to join this club, several times in fact!

I have also sent in a ticket through the help through the game under feedback and I provided a screenshot of the club, I will update when they get back to me

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Good news, I recieved this in my email.

Their club name was changed but it’s still in their motto!