End of Tournament Reward

When the weekly tournament ended on October 21st, I was in first place. The 3 tikis showed on my screen, however with no numbers or names…just the tikis. I have contacted GSN about this, but have not yet gotten a response.

I play hard all of the time - which is why I am normally in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place at the end of each tournament. And because I play hard, I NEED those chests/rewards.

Has this happened to anyone else???

Has not happened in our club as far as I know; we have gotten the chests for all the perks we’ve completed.

Thanks for your response, Colibri. The rewards to which I was referring were not the Perk rewards but the rewards for finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the club. I’m still waiting for a response from GSN.

There has been no rewards since they first stated it.


Yes! My screen froze and I was the 1st place holder in my club. When I got back in, it was onto a new week and my 2st was wiped out. No rewards at all! Still waiting for a rereply! Not pleased!

You don’t get any further rewards or extra chests for coming in 1,2,3 …just another number added to your club champ count.

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Thank you for your responses.

I received an email from GSN this morning, telling me that - as Claire stated - you really don’t get any reward for being 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the end of a tournament. Everyone gets the same rewards, which I find odd as 1) I’m now not as incentivicized as I was before to place in the top 3, and 2) I am less inclined to purchase the coins necessary to get and/or stay there.

In response to Carlin: Apparently GSN has applied the rewards for me…but to an OLD account that is linked to Facebook - no longer used, on a device that is no longer working. I have sent a screenshot of the current account and am hoping that they will “do the right thing” and apply those rewards to the active account and the one I was playing when the “freeze” happened.

If GSN refuses to put the rewards where they rightfully belong, I have two options: 1) accept it as an “oh, well” and continue playing, or delete the app.

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Yes,more often recently. I need them too,Am new to a club that requires participation in competition and club quests.
Great club,but hard for me every day.

An update: After too much back-and-forth, I have decided to go with option 1 and am continuing to play. GSN did send pictures of logs, showing that the rewards were applied. However, the logs did NOT show any account identification.

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