Easier chatting

Would be nice to have an easier way to chat, like deleting &/or adding screen shots


I agree! My club agrees too. Most of us are on facebook but our co-leader is not. Would be very beneficial to be abLe to communicate outside of club chat!

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Would you happen to know how to make someone a co-leader?

@Rochelle, the leader can appoint a member to co-leader, by going into the clubhouse, on the member list, tap on the persons name. On the popup box, tap promote to co-leader. Easy peesy :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!:blush::wink::smiley:

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You’re very welcome! :smiley:

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I would also like the ability to translate as I’ve had many that I’ve had to write down on paper, close the game, type it into Google Translate, let it translate it for me, type in a reply message and translate that back to their language, copy the translation, close Google Translate, open the game, open chat, paste message, and wait for a reply to start it all over again.

@Randy_Hubbard, I agree, it would be great to have it in the game!

In the meantime, the Google Translate app has the ability to translate from a screenshot! Makes translating so much easier!

Co leaders orleaders have do it