earning Tributes

I am having a problem collecting tributes. I play the game a lot and although I seem to win a lot also, I don’t seem to be collecting any tributes. Can someone tell me how to collect the tributes?

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Hi there… First, are you in a club.?? If not you won’t get tributes.
Is there an Icon on bottom left of your game that says, Clubs.??
If so, after you go in & click on the volcano to see if it will let you buy some, or they may even be free… Been a few yrs since I played on my own… I have my own club, about 3yrs now & tributes load once every hour…’ We get 5 each time… If you’re interested in joining a club you can make a post just like you did just now & let ppl know you want to join one… Clubs range from beginner-well advanced… Each club , depending on their rules, if any, will post back to you… If you’re not very experienced don’t join a club that’s above the “WOOD” level or next one up… My club is very advanced & we are Platinum level… Also, if you decide to join a club make sure after you enter it that you READ all RULES they have posted if any @ all… Then if you don’t think you can keep up with their level, leave immediately & find another… Keep doing that until you find a club that’s the RIGHT FIT for you… Hope this helps… Good luck… ; )
P.S. If you’re very experienced or get a lot of experience in the future you’re welcome to join my club, it’s called Island Friends…
But I have pretty stiff rules… Such as ev1 has to complete their part of the Club Quest, Play 2 sets of 5 tributes daily, Can’t be gone from club more than 20hrs w/o letting me know first…
There are 3 higher level clubs than mine & with each higher level come more stiff rules… Just letting you know so you can make the right choice for yourself… Good luck… ; )


Tributes appear randomly against 5 specific games indicated with a tribute icon. You must play those specific games to get the tributes.