Double stack on tiki paradise?

I just reached tiki paradise and I do not understand the double stack!? Sometimes I can flip through the cards I used and sometimes I can’t and say for example I have a 9 and 7 and I want to use my 7 to clear an 8 on the board it almost always lands on the other card!?? Please fill me in!! Lbs

If that happens tap the other stack card it will move to the seven and you can use the nine…or use the 9 1st to totally eliminate that problem…double stack Takes some getting use to… if your cards on the stacks, can stack on top of each other you can also do that… if your not understanding what I’m saying just try this…befor you flip the next set of cards touch each of the Fliped double stack cards sometimes one will move…like I said it takes some getting use to…good luck!

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Thank you sooo much! That helps alot and makes alot of sense! Ehat happens with the starting with golden tikis? Do you start with 2?

Yes but I believe the gold tiki card takes power over all cards it will always be used 1st.

You only start with one golden tiki and you must remember to start a run with the golden tiki and then the card on the right hand side. I much prefer the hold space to double stacks unless it’s part of a bonus perk. I have actually stopped progressing through the game now I’m on paradise as I struggle to win.

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