Double gift day fun

I just want to say I love my club! I know I have posted before about the generosity of my players and I thought I would share again because I’m bursting with pride!

Someon send gifts at least once a week but for the double gift day for Alzheimer’s I encouraged my players to participate if they have thought about buying but maybe never have. We ended up with 8 members purchasing gifts! 1 large, 2 medium, and 5 small double gifts! I ended up with 41 free plays and so much other cool stuff after opening them all!

My club is not a super contender. Active every 36 hours and only 8k minimum although most do way more. We have only completed 6 perks once so far in the last 6 months but we have a great time! We usually take top spot in gold league and 48 or 49 in platinum lol. But my club members are so generous and we all have a great time and I just want to say I am proud they let me be their leader and “mommy” :slight_smile:


Such a great club! My group did a lot of box buying!


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