Does anyone know if any CODES so I can use them in the gift shop? Please

Free codes . Free Google play points. Free anything. Lol

Sorry if I didn’t ask correctly. First time in the forum lol

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Go to the games Fan Page(Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks | Facebook) for freebies. Or in the game, go to “INBOX” and “News” tab and scroll to the bottom, “View” then “Like Us”

Tripeaks Web Shop: ( If you don’t see the " Daily Gift" or the “Club Free Gifts*” tap the 3 lines at top which will bring up menu.
*Note: the g.ub free gift requires 10 club members to unlock


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Thank you so much! I got extra coins from the news section of my inbox! Whoohooo thank you very very much. :heart::heart:


You’re welcome. If you haven’t already, collect freebies on their fan page as far back as you can… might be 3 mos. back, if it hasn’t change. Also, if you don’t want to lose your coins or boosters, should you change mobile device, go to MENU in the game, then ACCOUNTS.