Does anyone else's rescue mission game freezes?

My rescue mission keeps freezing, loosing all progress. The clock keeps going down, but I can not move a card. I have lost lots - coin etc.

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@Crazykt welcome to the Forum.

I have had the game freeze quite a few times in the Rescue Mission​:sob:, and also my apps crashed a couple of times during it and regular gameplay. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my app but it has not helped. :disappointed_relieved:

Every time it’s happened though I have used the contact button and filled out the form and notified TriPeaks what happened and what I lost; cost of game, stars earned etc and every single time I have received a credit in my Rewards in box. The credits are 99% of the time fair, the one time I felt they shorted me I sent another one, and I received a hefty credit which was above and beyond what I was owed. Make sure you do the same.

Good luck and hope to see you on the Forum again :smile:

Thank you for the information. I just contacted them.

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You are welcome… I hope it works out x

Mine did Saturday and Sunday so I stopped playing it.

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