Do you play the digging game?

Looking for a team. Not a fan of boat race but I enjoy the digging competition. I finish all CQ’s and get between 40 and 60 thousand points weekly. NO GUESTS!

Some times if enough club memb. Do!!!

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Hi Jonathan, my team plays the digging game. Full disclosure, for the weekend one, when we don’t normally have Goldie, we only require a minimum of 2 shovels. That way people aren’t losing coins unnecessarily, but we still win a few gems. The one during the week is the one we really go for and usually take 1st place. Misfits of Merry is the name of my platinum team. Not to brag, but, we are a pretty awesome team, and I am truly Thankful for each of them. We of course, have rules and I can honestly say, right now every team member complies with the rules. There are no freeloaders. Everyone is nice, so no drama, full disclosure again, every once in a while we get someone that comes in and tries to stir things up, but I don’t put up with it for long. If you want a friendly Platinum team, let me know your screen name and that you are requesting to join Merrys Misfits and hopefully it will be a great fit for everyone!!