Do you play everyday

One Million club needs dedicated players who play everyday and work towards goald

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I play every day and all day long that’s how much I love this game

@Sandra_Eke, we have an opening on our team. Check us out, ‘girls have fun’ is our team name. We have a great team so far & looking for that 1 person to complete our team & kick some tiki butt. :joy:

I’m a pretty consistent player. I play for a few hours at a time in mornings and then several times throughout most days.

Do y’all have very strict rules?

I totally play the same way! We may need a replacement team member now! We just want team members that play & it has been an elusive search for that last team mate! We request at least 20-25k per week, any issues, just chat to let us know. We always get the 6 perks & sometimes the special.
What are your average weekly club points? If you send a request to join (girls have fun) , let me know your game name to look for you!