DJ's Platinum team wants YOU

Tired of being on a team that “gets so close” to winning but just never makes it?
We are a COMPETITIVE team looking for members who play to WIN! We CHAT get to know each other, give each other a hard time, and support each other when LIFE happens. We play to COMPLETE Club Quests, not just participate in them. We play competition for 1st place and qualifiers are expected to get no fewer than 20 shovels. Those are the club guidelines, participate and max club quests, CHAT, qualify for Comp only if you contribute 20+ digs. Not really that crazy, but does require some effort, dedication, responsibility and respect for your teammates! If you’re ready to jump in, we’d love to have you!

Thanks and Welcome!

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You give each other a hard time? Everything you posted sounds rigid, frigid strict and not a fun club to play in. Success is more attainable without an iron fist… No thanks :roll_eyes:

Dear anonymous 484,
Thank you for your thoughts, good natured teasing is likely a better descriptor than hard time. I can understand how you may have misunderstood. Our team is competitive and enjoy our team comradary. There are many wonderful people that enjoy the game that may not have the time or desire to fully commit to our team goals. We are looking for those wonderful people who do. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share your thoughts and for allowing me to further clarify. :slightly_smiling_face: