Disappearing rewards

Each time I win tribute quest, I collect the reward doublers/gems. They appear in my account, but then disappear when I want to use them. This has happened a few times. I have complained to whoever through the help in menu, their reply you have collected these already. Is this happening to anyone else?

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This happened to me today

This has happened to me as well. Not on tribute quests but others. I get the same response when I try reporting it. Today our team completed a club quest but one member got a Dismiss button instead of Collect. They happen to live with me so I saw it first hand. They maxed the quest so that’s not the issue. They grabbed a screen shot and have reported it. I’m curious what the response will be this time. It really seems to be getting worse lately with this kind of crap. They really need to resolve these problems and also the weird glitches on some of the games (like having cards to flip that don’t flip when you click them). Too much BS really to list. Team members not getting rewarded for club gift boxes because the app shuts down when someone tries to open the gift box. So one got no gift and the other didn’t get the thanks and/or coins that are supposed to come with it. It’s a shame really and I know I don’t play as much as I used to because of it.