Digging Etiquette

Why do clubs have to wait for the last hour to dig gold? Is there a benefit?

I think it’s just a strategy and gives the other team a surprise. In order to be effective in the dig, team members need communications and dig same holes instead of going all over, that for sure is ineffective.


I don’t think this is a good strategy especially if everyone is playing in different countries. I personally I like to dig in the middle of the night. The members of my team come in at all different times. No one ever waits until the end because people are busy.

Because some believe that all 5 teams are not real teams because some teams are unranked and in an hour they shoot up to 1st with 121 gold lol. What some do is dig the holes to where both lights are up and then dig a new hole. Keep doing so until everyone is out of shovels and then 2 dedicated high shovel earners open up all the gold before noon the next day as to surprise the “fake team (s)” and have all this gold at once kinda like the so called fake ones do but it doesn’t work cause my team used to do that and only got 1st once. Usually averaged 4th place lol!