Desperately Seeking DIG HELP

Are your teams experiencing these problems during DIG tournaments:

Game freezes when playing for shovels

You loose shovels while playing

Playing 20+ shovels you only get 8 gold bars

After each shovel played you have to refresh your game

My objective is to identify game opportunities so if you’ve experienced these issues like the post therefore, the programmers can use tracking to investigate our concerns. Plz consider fixes to give all teams the full experience of playing while eliminating our frustration.


I believe the only way the programmers can track these problems are if the person experiencing the issues submit a help ticket.

But yes Iv have experienced most of the issues you addressed.
If I noticed I lost a shovel I will reboot my game and most of the time it comes back. If you don’t notice or track that and play for more shovels the lost shovel is gone for good.

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I have that problem all the time and it irritates me

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I wish they would get rid of the dig game. It has kept our team from getting the GT early in the week like we used to. I have wondered if there are teams out there that do not play the dig game or at least wait until the GT is had. Oh, I did play it in the beginning but it ate up more coins than I cared for & sometimes for a measly 50 gems.

I have experienced the game “refreshing” slowly and issues with the game not giving me the third shovel when I know I had time left on the clock. Tried to move to a different page and go back to the club competition and it wouldn’t open, just kept “spooling” although my wifi connection was fine


The team i am on we havent had a 12+ bar hole in months. Its crazy

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I’ve experienced everything you said. The game freezes during digging and the shovel keeps digging and digging. Or the game won’t load it just circles. Then I have to do a Force stop on the game in my Apps and restart.

I’ve submitted tickets and didn’t get any response, so you ask yourself why. During one game my whole team was sending tickets b/c of the losses, nothing for no one. But I agree the tool is only as helpful as those who see it through.

I’m a persistant person I would have wrote back until I got a response and if I didn’t like the response I would reply using that same ticket number. If I lost coins or boosters due To a glitch I would keep going w that ticket until I got my items back.
It can be annoying I get that, I pick and choose the battle I push with the support team.
Goodluck to u