Daily Reward Issue

I opened solitaire tri peaks to get my click bonus after the 20 minute refresh period and the daily reward opened up for 30 minutes free play. I wasn’t ready so I locked my phone on that screen not wanting to risk loosing the reward from exiting the game. After coming back to it later I press “Activate” and it notifies me I have 30 minutes, but then when i try to play my reward is no longer active - it acts as if i used it.
I request that the Daily Reward not become active until we actually hit “Activate”


I wholeheartedly agree @Brina_DeJesus! Drives me cRaZy that it starts as soon as the screen appears and I feel like I have to play or lose my bonus when a 30 minutes prize is involved! I have faith they will fix that… I’m hoping it’s sooner rather than later. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I learned that one the hard way too. It showed up on my screen at 12:15 am but I didn’t hit activate. Next morning? Gone. My other phone I’d shut down earlier before it appeared and when I logged in at 10 am, 30 min free play was there. The conclusion? Clicking ACTIVATE makes no difference. When it shows up - use it or lose it.


How come i dont get my coins lose free plays no one helps with coins and i could go on maybe i will give up love playing but im at lost bc its so awful i send coins always and and now not getting back no help losing cpind free plays keep freezing up and all

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Yes, I agree with this.

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Look up my group, Paradies (make sure it when you look it up, you look for this spelling) Island, and find me. I’ll friend you. Anybody that sends me coins, I do my best to return them. It’s not hard to do at all. I don’t get why people won’t return them.

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I’ve changed groups. I’m now in friende. Spell it that way.



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