Daily Player, Medium-ish Level Looking For New Club To Join On Next Turn Over (3/30)

Hi, I got recruited to two clubs last week when I was already knee deep in my perks & I really wanted to give my club another chance. My leader is great, but we keep getting dead weight that won’t do the club or tributes. When I collected my boxes, it was too late to join, so I decided to give it another week. Same lack of participation.

I play daily, I am on BBR Level 122, at the end of Perk 4. I have yet to finish Perk 5 on the two teams I’ve been on since I started, but I’ve only been playing about 5-6 weeks. As I write, I am in the top 25 of “Stone” on the Leaderboard. We have about 2 1/2 more days left and I am around 16k and 275 tributes. I try my hardest to give folks tips about when free coins are available, encourage folks, but alas, I not everyone is as enthusiastic, and probably does not have as much free time & energy as I do.

Basically, I’d love to be a mid-level team where people click the gift shop & may not be super hardcore, but definitely participate. I am not opposed to joining Facebook clubs, but I do not like to add people just for games as this is my escape from social media drama! I have a good sense of humor & never sleep! I would love to be able to join at the end of this current go-round. If this sounds up your alley, please send me a message.


@jessnc, the following tells about our clubs. Even though we don’t currently have room in p4p2 (i have to update that post), we do in have a space in p4p3. & openings come up all the time, as we move around depending on what’s happening in our lives. That might make more sense after you read about our clubs :smile:

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@CindyLu, I can’t imagine playing on multiple clubs! It would seem like you are wearing different hats, depending on the team! :smile:


Wow! Bless you for managing that many clubs! You need to be featured one week on the FB page!!! I will definitely see if y’all have an opening when this round wraps up! Thank you!


You’re welcome to join my club.

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Hi jessnc - check out the HOMETEAM. We finish all 6 perks and have ranked in the top 500 clubs for several weeks. Of late, maybe the past 3-4 weeks, we haven’t been able to crack the top 500 and we’re itchin’ to get back. So we’d love to have a daily player. We ask that each player earn 20,000 points per week. So competitive - but not super competitive. Then, of course, there’s the vacations in Cabo and the free cable :grin: Well I wish… but come check us out!

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Is there still an opening? Watching clock for my perks!

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Yes - there will be. I have about 7 more minutes for the perk week to end. Then request to join and I’ll let you in. We’d love to have you! What’s your player name? Mine is kami.

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Hi Kami, I fell asleep while my phone charged. It is just “Jessica” I am about to log in right now! I’ll give it a go & hope I didn’t miss out! Ty!

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Hi Jessnc-
Did you request to join? I didn’t see anything over the past few days. We just filled up as of yesterday. So we’ll have to see as the perk week goes on. But please keep the Hometeam in mind. We’d love to have you. Good luck!

hey kami! i decided to hold for a few weeks bc my funds are low and getting up a bunch of levels has put me in a state of where i am trying to bank some coins. i got a little overzealous a few weeks ago

We would be glad to have you. Have 1 not playing

Melani, hey you are a sweetie. Two weeks later, I am in a pretty cool spot right now: ellow but everyone is involved. But I will definitely reach out if anything changes.

Hi there. I’m not sure if you’re still looking for a club, but we’re looking for new players. Our club is "Perk"y Piranha. :slight_smile:

Our family team, tributes, is looking for SERIOUS players to join our family! Requirements are minimums of 20000 in pts and 325 in tributes each week. Club Quests and reading chats are important as communication is a team’s assest. Please check us out if serious. Thanks! Mike B

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Thanks mike, I’m looking for a couple better players so if u have to many send em on over to Violet flames

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@jessnc You sound like a great player, a bit like me:) we have an opining Dutch fun club , request to join I’ll let you in, our rules our 10000 min(most over do that) play daily, 32 hrmax idle,chat achievement, club chat/notes teamwork=communication,play tribute, play club quest. OK, sure it sounds like a lot BUT it’s all PART OF THE GAME right.

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